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The Southern Black Sea Coast and its advantages

The Beach and Weather
The Beach and Weather
The Beach and Weather
The Beach and Weather
The Beach and Weather
The Beach and Weather
The Beach and Weather
The Southern Black Sea Coast is the most attractive travel destination for Bulgarian tourists as well as for the foreign travelers. The wide yellow and black sand beaches, the smooth sea bottom make the dream summer holidays in these places come true.

The Southern Bulgarian Black Sea coast starts from Obzor, passes Elenite, Sunny Beach and Nessebar, through Pomorie and Primorsko, and ends in Tsarevo and Ahtopol.

The Southern Bulgarian Black Sea coast  is incredible combination of the smooth hills of Stara Planina, the beautiful forest of Strandzha and the wide beaches of prestigious sea resort, and the rocky capes.

The Southern Black sea coast, with wonderful climate and calm waters, is suitable for water sports, fishing, eco and rural tourism. Numerous paragliding, water skiing, surfing and diving, hunting and fishing clubs attract Bulgarians and foreigners.

The summer is warm and winter is mild.
The average January temperature is between 1 °С  and 3,4 °С, measured in Tsarevo. The average tempature in July is 22 ­- 24 °С.

The wonderful climate is the basic of the conditions for long summer. The season begins in April and ends in November.
The rainfall on the Southern Black sea coast is 500- 600 mm, with a winter maximum. The snow cover rarely lasts for more than couple of days. The typical local wind, the breeze, during the day is blowing from sea to land, and at night – from land to sea. The climate is perfect for agriculture – vine growing, orcharding, industrial crops, etc., and also is perfect for tourism.
The most important rivers running through Southern Black Sea coast region are Kamchia, Dvoynitsa, Hadjiiska, Rusokastrenska, Sredetska, Fakiyska, Ropotamo, Veleka, Rezovska river.
The maximum level is during winter and the minimum is in August and September.
The lakes are firthс and lagoons. Among the large firths are Mandra, Burgas lake, Atanasovsko Lake. Lagoons are Pomoriysko lake, Alepu, Arcoutino.

The influence of the sea determines the nature of the flora that consists of mainly thermophilic species. There are unique dense forests alogn Ropotamo and Veleka rivers. They consist of ash, elm, alder, summer oak, maple trees.